Training & elaboration of training materials


Elanor has undertaken training on a range of topics in her work as Programme Manager at ChildHope – project development, budget development and financial management, project cycle management, participatory monitoring and evaluation, recruitment and child protection. Elanor has also undertaken training for IMA on monitoring and evaluation and influencing policy. She also facilitated a course for IMA for DFID’s Forestry Research Programme on Communication and Scientific Advocacy involving managing a team of trainers and delivering training in Spanish on communication and advocacy for people working on natural resources action research projects.


Marie regularly undertakes training projects around the world on topics such as child protection, child rights, child justice, children in street situations, police training and advocacy. All of this work has involved the elaboration of creative tailor-made training materials. Specifically, she has co-authored, with Elanor of CREATE, a comprehensive training manual on organisational child protection policies and procedures, and a police training manual with Savina (also of CREATE). She wrote a training / TOT manual for Plan International staff on how to implement child protection policies and procedures as well as a series of three training / TOT manuals for EveryChidl Kyrgyzstan on issues relating to children in street situations (basic principles, child rights-based approach, cycle of street migration, prevention, outreach and family reunification). In addition to training and transference of knowledge, Marie also has extensive professional experience of facilitating meetings and has qualified as an Arts Facilitator - facilitating creative and therapeutic work with children, young people and their families. In the past she has worked as a teacher trainer in NW China for 2 years, specialising in the transference of creative and communicative training methodologies.


Savina has undertaken a one-week training on listening techniques for Terre des hommes & its partner organisation Enda Graff in Senegal. The training was conducted in collaboration with a local psychologist and focused specifically on talibé children and child domestic workers. She also collaborated with Marie and Elanor (CREATE) on the elaboration of the police training manual.