People we like working with

Rohan Jackson
IT consultant web design, database design, event organising, document editing and proofing, design and layout, IT training. Email:
Tel: 07866 425805

Paul Bragman
15 years extensive experience of community regeneration in UK and developing countries. Has managed participatory evaluations, community needs assessments, community visioning, business planning, project managemet and established numerous successful community development projects. Former Community Development Manager, Genesis Housing Group. Email:
Tel: 07887 721 825

Jay Alvarez
Artist and designer living and working in East London. Designed the CREATE website. Email: Tel: 07929 865 498

North South Travel
Extremely friendly, helpful and efficient UK-based travel agency with very competitive flight prices to all destinations – including the strange places! Not only that, but profits generated by your booking contribute to projects in the developing world. They’re great. Email: Tel: 01245 608291

Bodhi Graphics
Michael Murdoch designed our CREATE logo and business cards as well as the identity and layout for the UN/INGO Interagency Juvenile Justice Panel website. Tel: 07775 897986

Dr Anita Schrader
Anita has recently completed a PhD on intra-family violence in Guatemala and is keen to work on applied research and/or projects in the field of prevention of child maltreatment / parent education/ participant action research / Paolo Freire's critical pedgagogy in relation to community development.