Our resources

Here are some resources that CREATE members have written or contributed to for various organisations.

Child rights education

UNICEF Child Rights and Why They Matter (75-minute free, public access online training course)
UNICEF, 2017

UNICEF Child Rights Education Toolkit: Rooting Child Rights in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schools (First Edition)
UNICEF, 2014

How to explain the basics: child development (including adolescent brain development); the child rights approach; and child rights education (26 minute video)
Marie Wernham, interview for Terre des hommes, World Congress on Juvenile Justice, January 2015

Child protection

Child Protection Policies and Procedures Toolkit: How to Create a Child-Safe Organisation Elanor Jackson & Marie Wernham, ChildHope, March 2005

Child Protection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Marie Wernham for the Consortium for Street Children, 2005. Adapted here for CREATE

UNICEF Pacific: child protection baseline research reports for Fiji, Kiribti, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
Marie Wernham and others for UNICEF Pacific, 2008

Understanding young people’s right to decide: Are protection and autonomy opposing concepts?
Marie Wernham and Gerison Lansdown for International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), February 2012

Juvenile justice & police training

World Congress on Juvenile Justice 2015: Synthesis of workshop findings
Marie Wernham, 30 January 2015

An Outside Chance: Street Children and Juvenile Justice – An International Perspective
Marie Wernham, Consortium for Street Children, May 2004

Police Training on Child Rights and Child Protection: Lessons Learned and Manual
Marie Wernham, with Savina Geerinckx and Elanor Jackson, Consortium for Street Children, March 2005

UNICEF Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention (online interactive global resource)
Marie Wernham, for UNICEF, 2009

Restorative juvenile justice - Prove it! The need for quality research, documentation and statistics as evidence for advocacy and programming
Marie Wernham, presentation for the World Congress on Restorative Juvenile Justice - Lima, Peru, November 2009

Children in street situations

Working with children in street situations: series of 3 training manuals
Marie Wernham, for Everychild Kyrgyzstan, 2007-2008

Voices from the Streets: Bringing Issues Facing Street Children into the Classroom – Teacher Resource and Activity Pack
Jo Bloxham, Kathryn Eade and Marie Wernham, Consortium for Street Children, May 2005


Research on discriminatory social norms in relation to violence against women and girls
Elanor Jackson and Marie Wernham, for Plan UK, 2014