Elanor is conducting research for Plan UK in Pakistan on social norms as they impact on violence against women and girls. She continues to do consultancy work for Womankind Worldwide, amongst others and has recently completed an assessment of the Stars Foundation ‘Impact Awards’. She continues to take an active role in her local primary school and is trying to find time to download the thousands of photos she took on a recent family holiday to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Marie is assisting the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to develop their General Comment on Children in Street Situations, in association with the Consortium for Street Children. She continues to work with UNICEF National Committees to anchor child rights in early years settings, primary and secondary schools. She collaborated with Terre des hommes in relation to the World Congress on Juvenile Justice which took place in January 2015. She has updated our ‘resources’ page which now includes: video links summarising the World Congress on Juvenile Justice and explaining some basic concepts regarding child rights and development; a series of 3 training manuals for working with children in street situations; the UNICEF Child Rights Education Toolkit; the reports for the Plan UK research on social norms as they impact on violence against women and girls; and a paper on restorative juvenile justice. She is creating drawings and paintings during her weekly evening art classes and has recently created a broken crockery mosaic in the bathroom of her French Alpine farmhouse.

Savina has recently transitioned back into freelance work after a 5-year stint as Director of Overseas Programmes at the NGO Street Child Africa. Dividing her time between her key passions, she is currently working on a short child rights-related video documentary set in Senegal and has just returned from a 3-week journey through Australia, China and Japan as tour manager for the legendary bass player Larry Graham. She is in the process of actively exploring ways to bring together her interests and skills in the service of her vision for child rights.