What people say about us

About Elanor:

"We have known Elanor since 2000 and she has helped us develop two programmes of work, the current programme being a 5 year project working to secure child rights for marginalised communities of child labourers in Lima. We have greatly valued Elanor’s support for the promotion and defence of child rights, her profound respect for the values of other cultures and her dedication to high quality work. She has helped us immensely and we have learnt from her that it is possible to improve the conditions of children, helping them to build their own capacities to access their rights."
Director, ADEVI, Peru

"Pendekezo Letu is greatly indebted to Elanor for her long-term commitment to building the institutional capacity of Pendekezo Letu. As a result of her wide international experience combined with a profound understanding of development issues within Kenya, Elanor has greatly contributed to the organization’s rapid growth and enabled it to consistently expand and improve the quality of support it provides to some of Kenya’s poorest citizens."
Extract from Martin Swinchatt – Founder/ Director of Pendekezo Letu project, Kenya

About Marie:

“Marie this is fantastic, how you are able to read our minds will always be a mystery. Anyway, this is perfect. Thanks again for everything. It has been lovely working with you.”
Feedback from training and material-writing in relation to young people’s advocacy on sexual and reproductive health and rights

“I think this is a great opportunity for us to work with you and have you as our consultant for the street children project. Our partners who participated in your previous training continue to ask us if you will come back and give more knowledge to them. I personally have enjoyed your training very much. This is one of the better trainings I ever had.”
Feedback on technical advice and training for a street children project in Kyrgyzstan

“I just wanted to THANK you for an invigorating, stimulating and enjoyable day yesterday. LOTS of food for thought!”

“I actually enjoyed every session – even immediately after lunch – quite a compliment for you!”

“The whole day has been well prepared and excellently presented – well done!”

“Thanks Marie! You really kept us energised and focused all day!”

“Thank you, Marie, for a really useful day. Extremely beneficial.”

“Marie I haven't had a chance yet to say thank you formally for the excellent day! What can I say? You were great, as usual, and we made the right choice of facilitator!”
Evaluation feedback from a training day on advocacy for a UK-based NGO

“Thank you all for your efforts, especially Marie for her efficient role and the easy and simplified way of presenting information, which for me were all new.”

“Marie did an excellent job. The plan was well organized. I liked the group work, role plays and the team quiz.”
Evaluation feedback from a week’s training course on child protection in Beirut, for NGO partners from 5 countries in the Middle East

"Recommandation: Attendu que du 6 au 7 octobre 2006, s'est tenu à Dakar (Sénégal) un atelier de capitalisation sur l'assistance juridique aux mineurs; que du 9 au 13 octobre 2006, dans la même ville, s'est tenu un autre atelier de capitalisation sur la justice des mineurs; attendu que Marie a participé à ces deux ateliers en qualité de consultante pour Terre des hommes, l'ONG organisatrice des ateliers; que tout au long des deux ateliers, la consultante sus-citée n'a presenté ou manifesté aucun signe de fatigue contrairement à tous les autres participants; qu'il est certain que Marie ne profite même pas des moments de repos; qu'en effet, à chaque reprise, elle presente un travail qu'elle a abattu pendant ces moments censés être le repos; que l'energie dont elle fait preuve n'est certainement pas naturelle; qu'il convient d'ordonner un contrôle anti-dopage sur la personne de Marie afin de vérifier la prise ou non d'amphétamines... Par ces motifs: tous les participants, à l'unanimité, recommandent qu'il soit procédé sur la personne de Marie, un contrôle anti-dopage pour tenter d'expliquer son energie débordante et son infatiguabilité." Juge Ilassa PORGO, Tribunal pour Enfants, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

[Translation into English]: "Recommendation: Given that from 6-7 October 2006 a workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal, on judicial assistance to children; that from 9-13 October 2006, in the same city, another capitalisation workshop took place on juvenile justice; given that Marie participated in these two workshops as a consultant for Terre des hommes, the organising NGO; given that, contrary to all the other participants, throughout the two workshops the above mentioned consultant neither presented nor displayed any sign of fatigue; given that is is certain that Marie did not benefit from any breaks in the procedings; given that, in effect, at the beginning of each new session she presented work which she had prepared during the time designated as breaktime; given that the energy that she displayed is certainly not natural; given that it is necessary to order an anti-drugs test on Marie in order to ascertain whether or not amphetamines were in use... For these reasons: all the participants, without exception, recommend that an anti-drugs test be administered on Marie to determine the cause of her remarkable energy and indefatigability." Judge Ilassa PORGO, Children's Tribunal (Juvenile Court), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso