Monitoring and evaluation


Savina is currently in the process of working with overseas organisations in Africa to review their programmes and organisational capacities for working with children in street situations. In the past she has monitored and evaluated a number of projects for street-involved children in Africa, mostly Street Child Africa’s partners and potential partners in Senegal, Zambia & Mozambique.


Elanor has been working in the field of international development for 18 years. She has extensive experience of developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects with local organisations, designing evaluations for external evaluators and conducting participatory monitoring and evaluations with a range of organisations. She was responsible for monitoring and evaluating over 15 projects during her time working with ChildHope. She has also undertaken mentoring of programme staff on project monitoring and evaluation. As a consultant in Costa Rica, she conducted an evaluation of a programme in Latin America implemented by the Project Counselling Service. Elanor has also facilitated training on monitoring and evaluation as a consultant for IMA.


In 2007 Marie conducted a 10-day participatory evaluation of a cross-border anti-child-trafficking project in India and Bangladesh. The previous year she conducted, with Elanor of CREATE, a participatory evaluation of a project to promote inclusive play, leisure and childcare facilities, working through a panel of mixed disabled and non-disabled young people in the UK. She has also conducted two major, participatory end of project evaluations for: a street and working children project in Burma/Myanmar (2 weeks field work, involving 407 people- including 145 children aged 7-18; and an anti-female genital mutilation project in rural Tanzania (3 weeks field work leading a team of 20 data collectors across 16 locations, involving 320 household surveys, 80 community focus group discussions (including many children and young people) and 24 individual interviews). In 2004, Elanor and Marie jointly designed a detailed evaluation framework to assess the impact of police training projects to reduce violence against street children. These evaluations in Ethiopia and Bangladesh involved a total of 369 stakeholders (including 67 children and young people aged 8-17).