Advice and research


Marie has conducted a variety of research projects in both a professional and academic capacity over the years. During the course of 2008-2009 she worked full-time as the consultant Lead Researcher for UNICEF Pacific's baseline research on child protection in Fiji, Kiribati, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. This involved managing teams and developing methodologies to conduct desk review and primary data collection, including through electronic data capture, in 2035 locations per country, followed by data analysis and report writing. She will continue to work with UNICEF Pacific as a part-time consultant Research Advisor for a similar research project which is to be conducted in Samoa from 2009-2010. Marie spent 12 weeks in 2006-2007 as the Technical Adviser for a street-involved children and child rights project in Kyrgyzstan. She also managed the development of the official UN/INGO Interagency Juvenile Justice Panel website. She wrote a policy paper for submission to the UK government as part of DFID’s public consultation on the 2006 White Paper for International Development on behalf of a UK-based NGO working with children in street situations. She was one of 24 members of the international NGO Advisory Panel for the UN Global Study on Violence Against Children. In 2003 she wrote a draft policy paper ‘De-Mystifying the Child Rights-Based Approach to Development’ for two international NGOs. As part of her work for CSC, she regularly advised UN, government, NGO and academic actors on issues relating to children in street situations.


Savina has worked with UNICEF Central African Republic Child Protection Programme on the elaboration of a manual for educators working with children in street situations and advised them on their partners’ training needs. She also served as continuous advisor for Street Child Africa’s projects in Senegal before joing joining the organisation full time as Overseas Programmes Director in 2009. In terms of academic research, she wrote her dissertation (Executive Master in Children’s Rights) on the right to education of children in street situations, looking more specifically at the preconditions needed for true empowerment. She also presented a paper, based on her first Master’s Dissertation (Validating the Street Child) at the “Africa: Past, Present and Future” Conference in Trinity College Cambridge in 2000.


Elanor is currently providing technical advice for a range of local projects in Ethiopia. As part of Elanor's work with ChildHope, she provided technical support and advice to organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America on child rights and child protection issues over a number of years. In addition to this, she has provided techincal support on programme design and development, the development of monitoring and evaluation systems, advocacy strategies and the development of action research methodology for work with sexually abused and exploited children in Bangladesh. She has also advised on a range of training tools developed by several of ChildHope's partner organisations and provided advice to INGOs on their child protection policies and procedures. She has been involved in writing position papers for ChildHope and has provided technical advice to Ticktock Media on the production of a book - "Real Life Stories Street Child", 2005. She has undertaken research on child labour for a paper presented in Spanish at a conference. She has also undertaken research as part of her masters course and in her professional work.