Approach to learning

Learning is central to CREATE’s way of working. CREATE was specifically established as a group collaboration to deliberately bring together like-minded people to reflect on individual and collective work experiences. Through this active reflection, analysis and exchange of experiences, we learn how to be more effective, more creative and achieve the greatest possible impact.

We aim to meet regularly to share lessons learned and constantly seek ways of making learning creative and fun as well as useful in practice.

We actively promote learning and reflection in the work we undertake for our clients. We do this through encouraging a space for reflection by both clients and ourselves and we provide feedback to clients both verbally and in written documents where relevant.

We emphasise the importance of listening to and learning from children, whilst ensuring that children’s best interests are first and foremost. We are continuously seeking ways to facilitate mutual learning between children and the adults working with them.

We are each, as individuals, committed to learning new skills and ways of working which we hope will enrich our work. We will bring these practices into our work where appropriate and share these not only with one another but with the clients and the children that we work with.

We believe in openness and transparency and are committed to sharing our resources and materials with others through our website: